A CGI Interpretation of the Catnarok

The Catnarok is the final battle. Taco Cat and he Holy Kittens will face off against Burrito Cat and the Dark Kittens in the greatest, largest, and most destructive battle ever known. By compiling information from books like the Kittenist's Handbook, and other books; our community has created a rough summary of Catnarok's major events.

The Catnarok: A Brief SummaryEdit

Blazing fires, harsh floods, horrible earthquakes; all shall occur when the two gods meet, Taco Cat, and Burrito Cat. Burrito Cat will gather his army of Dark Kittens and wage holy war against the human race and Taco Cat himself. In the climax of the battle, Burrito Cat will engulf all of the holy shrines, Taco Bells; which will disable the Holy Kitten's powers, forcing Taco Cat to give in. This will be the beginning of Burrito Cat's horrible rein; until The Great Ressurection, when Taco Cat rises again, to overpower the Dark Kittens.